Machtspoliticus pur sang

Machtspoliticus pur sang
Machtspoliticus pur sang Machtspoliticus pur sang

Machtspoliticus pur sang

Decennialang draaide Johan Vande Lanotte (Poperinge, 1955) mee aan de top van de Belgische politiek. Toch heeft hij zichzelf nooit als toppoliticus beschouwd. Een machtspoliticus, dat was hij. En bewust. Want een politicus die iets wil veranderen, heeft nu eenmaal macht nodig. Voor de pragmatische West-Vlaming was macht nooit het doel, wel het instrument. Macht was er niet om te koesteren, maar o
Machtspoliticus pur sang
Johan Vande Lanotte
Gent: Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, 2021
185 p.
9789463935630 (paperback)

About Johan Vande Lanotte

CC BY 3.0 - Image by Colijn Verkempinck

Johan Cyrille Corneel Vande Lanotte (born 6 July 1955) is a Belgian politician. He is a member of the SP.A, and became its party president on 15 October 2005. He handed down his leadership positions after the SP.A lost in the 2007 general election. Between 5 December 2011 and October 2014, he was Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Economy, Consumer affairs and North Sea in the Di Rupo I Government. With the formation of a new Centre-Right federal government, which excluded his party, Johan Vande Lanotte returned to local politics in October 2014 in Ostend, where he took up his position as alderman for the economy and tourism at Ostend City Council. From August 2015 until the end of 2018 Vande Lanotte was the mayor of Ostend.


In 1978 he graduated magna cum laude in Political and Social Sciences, option: Sociology (Master's degree) from the University of Antwerp. In 1981 he added, again mag…Read more on Wikipedia